What Is A Civic Hack Day?

Solving Real Problems, Helping Real People.

What are the problems that need to be solved in our communities? Is there a technical aspect to real community problems? Could we catalyze the community by solving the problem with a prototype developed over a weekend?  These are the questions that Maine Civic Hack Day seeks to answer.

The event will focus on building technical solutions, but it is not about the technology; it’s about solving the problems.  Yes, it is an event that will draw technical experts, but the goal is to produce a workable solution that improves daily life for real people in our communities.  The technical solutions we build will be built for a purpose, not just as an exercise.

On May 31st & June 1st, We Gather

We’ll come together prepared to put our heads together to solve problems in our community.  The event will be hosted in Bangor but the work we do can make an impact at the municipal, regional, state, or national level.

Build A Prototype

A Civic Hack Day is an event that focuses on solving real problems in our communities with technology.  A solution could take the form of a new web page or mobile application.  It could be making new municipal data available to the public online.  A solution could even take the form of some new hardware device.  There’s no restriction on the implementation of the solution, as long as it effectively meets a need.

2 thoughts on “What Is A Civic Hack Day?

  1. One project idea might be to create an online publicly accessible database of park/green/open spaces and list adopted business or charity group or neighborhood association that maintain or volunteer to clean, garden or improve the asset on a semi-annual basis. This database could use a website based message board where if someone was visiting the park they could leave message to clean graffiti or suggest additional lighting or add a bench or something else that the steward might be responsible for. I would assume municipal staff would be the primary steward of any public park but perhaps this could be expanded to neighborhood watches or business corridors. There could be corporate sponsors willing to be the steward. Additionaly boy/girl scout groups or church groups might be interested in supporting such a program. Such a website or app would provide communication to 1) Identify a need; 2) Identify solutions; 3) Coordinate volunteers 4) Support the community 5) Promote use of existing community resources.

  2. A passenger rail plan serving the various smaller towns in Maine connecting urban centers and national routes is something the state should have done by now. We believe it needs to be generated at the local level. There are many many moving parts that require a serious exercise in scenario development.

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